Why Events Uncorked

Events Uncorked started as a way to help busy moms plan their children’s birthdays with greater ease. For years I watched as my mom friends struggled to come up with a theme, find all the supplies, plan the details, execute a menu and set it all. Instead of spending their time enjoying their kid’s birthday, they were stressed beyond belief and hiding in the background trying to make sure it was “perfect”. What they forgot to do was actually celebrate - the whole reason they were doing this in the first place.

We often think that what we see on social media is reality. That every else - but you - is having fun, enjoying life, throwing elaborate and perfect parties, doing all and being all. That everyone - but you - is happy, successful, and has it all figured out. It’s brought a whole new meaning to “Keeping Up with the Jonses” - or more accurately, the Kardashians. It’s like we’ve forgotten that there are real relationships outside of our phones that need to be nurtured and celebrated. And, just because you don’t put it on Instagram, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

So, what started as a way to share my talent and experience (I’m a professional wedding and event planner for those that don’t know), quickly evolved into a mission to help you put down the technology for a short period of time and be present with those you love most. Celebrate their accomplishments with more than a text or social media shoutout. Find joy in throwing your kids birthday party because it means they - and you - have reached another milestone.

Yes, we sell party guides that help you create beautiful pin worthy parties without the price tag, because after all, no one is saying “man I really want to throw a half-assed mediocre party”. But, we’re about so much more than that!