How to Host the Ultimate Tailgate with Ease

Football season is officially upon us! Across the country, fans are gearing up and heading out to cheer on their favorite team. Whether you’re a fan of college ball or prefer the NFL, tailgating is an essential part of game day. When planning your tailgate you’re essentially hosting a party - the difference being this one’s not at home. If you forget something, there’s not running to the store to grab it. But don’t fret, we’re covering everything you need to know to plan the ultimate tailgate with ease.


The Menu

An obvious go-to is sandwiches from your favorite sub shop. But, when you’re spending a good part of the day tailgating with friends, you need more than just a sandwich and bag of chips - especially if you’re drinking. For a well rounded menu, include some appetizer items like veggies and dip to munch on throughout the day. As for the main menu, I like to mix it up.

A taco bar or BBQ travel just as easily as sandwiches and as an added bonus can be picked up from your favorite place so you don’t have to make a thing. For travel to the stadium, place hot food in an empty cooler which will act as a hot box helping to keep it at temperature. Once you’re set up, place hot food in wire chafers to keep warm.


The Beverages

Water is a must, but I always suggest skipping the individual bottles and opting for gallon jugs instead. For one, they will take up less space in the cooler and two, it means less trash to deal with. Plus, gallon jugs are less expensive. Once you’ve planned for water, all other beverages are your choice but keep in mind that cans tend to work best - even if you’re a wine drinker.


The Supplies

As I mentioned above, when planning a tailgate, you’re taking the party offsite which means you need to adequately prepare for everything you could need. I've detailed all the necessary supplies - including games - in the Ultimate Tailgating Checklist below. The second page of the checklist also includes some helpful tailgating tips to keep in mind when planning your own tailgate.

Ultimate Tailgating Checklist

Download this checklist so you can tailgate with ease

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    All photos by Jordan Keenan Photography

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