7 Classic Party Themes for Any Celebration

Trying to think of the perfect theme can be a time consuming first step in planning your celebration. You want to keep the details of your event cohesive and a theme is a great way to do that. But how do you settle on the perfect one? Sometimes there is no favorite character or hobby or, maybe you’re hosting a joint celebration for both of your kids and need something that will work well for both of them. Well we’ve got you covered. Here are seven classic party themes that work well for any occasion.

  1. Pizza Party. Who doesn’t love a pizza party? Whether you make your own like in our party guide or just order from your favorite delivery place, a pizza party is a sure fire way to please almost everyone. This works well for kid’s birthdays, adult birthdays, Super Bowl parties, couples showers and more!

  2. Fiesta. Fiestas aren’t just for Cinco de Mayo. A taco bar and piñata turn any day into a party in our books. We’ve seen this theme done well for showers, kids birthdays, adult birthdays, weddings and even Tuesdays!

  3. Cake and Balloons. All you really need to make it a party is cake and balloons. Opt for both in the honorees favorite colors, add in some streamers and confetti and you have yourself a party. Use this theme to celebrate a birthday, going away party, retirement, or anything else you’re going to celebrate!

  4. Backyard BBQ. A BBQ doesn’t strictly have to be slow cooked meat from a smoker. A backyard BBQ can be as fancy as steaks on the grill or as simple as hamburgers and hot dogs. Gather your friends, toss a gingham tablecloth over your table and throw your favorite dishes on the grill. Bust out the outdoor games and you’ll have one fun party!

  5. Ice Cream Social. A couple tubs of ice cream, an array of toppings, a bowl full of spoons and a hot summer day are all you need for this celebration. If you have kids, let them make their own sundaes and they’ll have a blast!

  6. Seasonal. No matter the season, as long as you keep decor seasonally appropriate, you’ll have a gorgeous celebration. Think fall festival, winter wonderland or spring garden party. You’ll get to use items you likely already have and it will work no matter the celebration.

  7. Color Pop. This might be the simplest party theme of all time. For this one, just buy everything you can in the honorees favorite color and you’re good to go. Mix in some pattern for fun and you’ll have a simple but festive bash.

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