Plan a Pizza Party - The Menu

What’s a party without food or cake? In this part of our Plan a Pizza Party series, we’re breaking down the menu, including pizza making station, and desserts. If you missed Part 1 where we covered all things decor, you can check it out here. Now, let’s talk menu…

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The beauty of this party is the simplicity of the menu. One of the biggest stressors when it comes to a hosting a party is the food. Typically, we feel rushed when preparing the menu and are left with a pile of dishes in the sink right before guests come over. But, since guests will be making their own pizzas, there’s virtually no cooking or prep involved. While you’ll want to pre-slice vegetables, that can be done a day or two before the party to make party set-up even easier.

Regardless of menu, I always have a couple of hors d’oeuvres set out when guests arrive. You likely won’t eat right away and we all want to much on something while we wait. A simple cheese and charcuterie board along with sliced veggies and dip, both of which can be made the day before, is light enough to not ruin the meal but heavy enough to keep guests satisfied while they wait.

This menu can always be customized to fit your personal tastes and dietary restrictions as well. Including your favorite toppings or ask guests their favorite topping to include on the bar as well. Making sure you have their favorite topping puts an emphasis on your guests without any extra effort.



Let's be honest, when you're letting people, kids specifically, make their own pizza, it's not going to be a neat and clean affair. I covered the island in brown craft paper and laid all the toppings out on it. Not only does this minimize the number of dishes but makes clean up a breeze.

For this party, I opted to customize pizza boxes instead of using my go-to bamboo plates. They were inexpensive, fit the theme and will allow each person to take home their leftovers at the end of the night. While I had a calligrapher friend hand letter these, you can write on them yourself or use a stencil to make it easy.

When setting up your pizza station, make sure each topping is easily accessible to each guest. If you’re including some lesser known toppings, you can always label what each item is using a Sharpie - another added bonus of butcher paper!

Party Tip: Don't let your food display be an afterthought. Finding a way to put it all out in an artful way cuts down on decor spending because you're letting the food be the decor. For example, instead of leaving everything in it’s store bought package, place directly on the butcher paper or in jars.



Having one big statement, like the balloon garland with pizza paddle name banner creates an impact while being both cost effective and easy to set-up. I love setting something like this up behind the cake as it brings attention to a smaller item.

Balloon garlands can seem intimidating but are quite simple. The link for this garland is at the end of this post and only cost about $15. Blow up the balloon, stick the knotted end in the ribbon (comes with the kit) and it will naturally form itself. Adhere to the wall and you're good to go.

Cake Tip: I always opt for a simple white cake like the one you see here. It's less expensive than having the bakery decorate it and you can add your own flair with fresh flowers, berries or even sprigs of rosemary. Use items that fit the theme and you'll have a one-of-a-kind (almost homemade!) cake without spending a ton.

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For pizza party decor, check out this post. If you’re looking for the pizza party planning checklist and budget, you can find that here. To download the complete Pizza Party Planning Guide right now, enter your information below.