Plan a Pizza Party - The Decor

Is it really a party without pizza? When I was young, every party I went to had pizza. It was the quintessential celebration food. To this day when I think about planning a party, I think about pizza. Now, as an adult I get why it was the go too. It's simple and a crowd pleaser. Just order a variety of pies, have them delivered to your door and you're ready to go. I'm all for a time and money saver!

For this party, I wanted to draw on that nostalgic feeling by creating a make your own pizza party. Not only is it just as simple as ordering from your favorite delivery place, but it allows each guest to customize their pizza to accommodate their personal taste and dietary restrictions.

This theme is fun for both kids and adults and would be perfect for a birthday party or just having friends over for dinner. The other reason I love it, is that it's gender neutral and spans all ages. If you have kids with birthdays close together and you plan a joint party every year, this would be fun for all invited and still keeps the planning easy for you. Plus, with this party, we’re using the food as decor which cuts down on cost significantly!

This will be a three part blog series and in this first post, we’re covering the decor and favors. Here we go!

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For the table, I used the same brown kraft paper just trimmed it to table runner size. I'll about items that can serve many purposes and the decor for this table does just that. I used my go to 8oz mason jars as vases for some fresh flowers I picked up from the grocery story and accompanied them the some leftover tomatoes on the vine. Instead of placing the favors on a table for guests to grab as they leave, I set one at each seat to double as decor. Placing them here is just another way you can add impact without the price tag.



If you remember from the tool kit, you know I don't like spending money on things that will just end up in the trash. Because of that, party favors have always been a struggle for me. But, I love these guys. I spent $1.99 on the plant at Trader Joe's and another $2 on the pot. For $4 you have the cutest favor each guest to take home. Added bonus - they double as table decor! The tags say "Thank you for being a pizza my party". You can buy the file on Etsy for $2 and print at home. The link is in the resource guide at the end of this post.



Every party needs a favor. With this party, you get two! I had a calligrapher friend customize these aprons but you could easily do it yourself or use iron on letters. If you're looking for an activity, guests could also decorate their own apron with fabric markers. These white aprons cost $3.39 each but simply customizing them and tying with some leftover red twine from Christmas and a sprig of rosemary give them a high end feel without the price tag.



Like pizza, a party is not complete without balloons! While I’m not generally a fan of DIY projects for parties due to cost (usually more expensive, although not always), time and talent (it never looks as good as the store bought unless you’re Martha) - a balloon garland is an inexpensive and simple way to add a pop that doesn’t take a lot of time. I hung it above the dessert table along with a pizza paddle name banner to create an impactful statement.



To purchase - click the item listed below. Please note that I earn a small commission from all Amazon links below as an Amazon affiliate.


  • Fresh Flowers

  • Terracotta Pots

  • Fresh Herbs

  • Dirt (for planting)


To get the full party menu, pizza station set-up and dessert table breakdown, check out this post. To download the complete Pizza Party Planning Guide right now, enter your information below.

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