Party Inspiration - Pizza Party

Growing up, every milestone moment was celebrated with pizza. Someone’s birthday? Pizza. Won the softball game? Pizza. End of the school year? Pizza. I think you get the pictures.


When creating this first set of themes, I knew a pizza party had to be in there somewhere. It takes me back to my youth and reminds me of time when birthday parties didn’t have to be over the top, they just had to have pizza and good friends.

But, since this is 2019, I had to elevate it just a bit. Instead of ordering delivery, each guests gets to make their own personal pizza. It’s interactive, encourages creativity and eliminates the debate over which type of pizza everyone wants.

This party has a lot of details I love and some fun nods to pizza in unexpected places. Not only is this a great kid’s party theme but it would also be fun as an end of year celebration or a hands-on approach to your next dinner party.

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Pizza Party.jpg