Party Inspiration - Dinosaur Theme

When I was creating our first set of themes to be released, I had a long list of ideas. But, since our party guides are not about me and my interests, I created a poll to see what themes you and your littles were into right now. I was shocked when I saw as many dinosaur responses as I did, but took it as a sign that a Dino party just had to be in our first set of party guides.


Once we settled on the theme, the overall design came together so easily and this turned out to be one of my favorite themes. Not only do I love the tropical green elements (I’m a sucker for all things tropical) but the little tidbits of education through the framed dinosaur facts are perfect.

As you all know, I never like spending money on something that’s just going to be thrown away. This party utilizes a lot of decor that can be reused for other events. For example, the tropical palm leaves and potted mini palm could be used for a summer luau or Moana themed party and the gold frames can be incorporated throughout your house. Since we only utilized a few small dinosaur accessories, they would make a fun addition to your kid’s bedroom or playroom.


Bonus: This little tidbit wasn’t included in the guide and is an added special just for those of you that read the blog. If you’re looking for a fun activity, gather up all your leftover plastic Easter eggs and hide them around the yard. Create a sign that says “Dinosaur Egg Hunt” and send your guests out in the yard to find them all. Instead of stuffing with candy or other various treats, fill with mini dinosaur figurines.

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Dinosaur Party.png