Five Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

The days are getting longer. The temperatures are getting warmer. The humidity is rising. These things can only mean one thing - time to bust out the grill and take this party outside! Backyard entertaining season is a favorite for a number of reasons, namely it keeps most of the mess out of the house. Additionally, there seems to be a simpleness that comes along with hosting a backyard get together.

Everybody shows up in what they’re wearing from a long day at the beach or pool. There’s no fuss over getting ready and looking pulled together. Summer parties are about one thing - having a great time with those you love.

While there is a sense of ease that comes with outdoor entertaining, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind when throwing any backyard bash.

  1. Cook it all on the grill. You can honestly cook just about anything on a grill. From proteins to vegetables and even desserts, there’s not much your grill can’t handle. When it comes to backyard entertaining, create a menu that focuses on grilling. Not only does it allow you to be outside where your guests are, but there’s less cleanup!

  2. Keep bug spray and sunscreen handy. Even though you aren’t at the beach or pool, the summer sun is no joke. Having bug spray and sunscreen on hand for when guests need it ensures they stay comfortable.

  3. Avoid dairy. When creating your menu, avoid dishes that are heavy in dairy. Things that have a lot of cheese or mayonnaise don’t do well sitting out in extreme heat for any period of time. Plus, both feel heavy on your stomach. As long as you focus on grilling, your menu should be light and filling.

  4. Invest in food tents or screens. To avoid bugs, leaves or any other item of nature landing on your food, a food tent will come in handy. Typically perforated, it won’t trap heat, thus overcooking or spoiling food, and it will keep it free of flies, mosquitos and gnats.

  5. Keep decor extra simple. Your backyard is already filled with a lot of natural beauty from potted plants and landscaping. All you need is a statement tablecloth, a few carafes of water, some flowers and a bottle of wine to enjoy over great conversation.

For more tips on entertaining with ease, download our guide below.

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