How to Plan a Stylish and Easy Last Minute Memorial Day Party

If you’re reading this blog post you’ve likely decided to host a last minute Memorial Day get together. Or, if you’re like the rest of us, you decided to host over a month ago but haven’t thought about it since the day you sent out the group text inviting all your friends. Now, we’re less than a week away and it’s time to get it together.


Don’t fret. I’m here to help. You don’t need weeks or even months to throw together a stylish celebration. With the help of Amazon, grocery delivery services and this blog post, you’ll leave guests raving about the amazing party you just threw. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Shop your decor on Amazon. When entertaining outdoors, especially with short notice, I like to keep decor simple. For this Memorial Day backyard BBQ all you really need are mini American Flags, hanging paper fans, star garland, a fun tablecloth and some fresh flowers. Add citronella candles in glass votive holders for guests comfort and you’re all set.

  2. Pull out the games. You don’t have to have a ton of yard space or games to have a great time. Tabletop games like Jenga and Connect Four are just as much fun as their giant versions. Of course, if you have corn hole, bocce ball or any other yard games, don’t be afraid to pull them out either.

  3. Plan a prep ahead menu. When entertaining on holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day, I often find myself getting food ready after a day at the beach or pool. That roughly translates to me not wanting to spend anytime in the kitchen. Create a menu that can be prepped ahead of time or easily thrown on the grill. I love things like pasta salad, BBQ grilled chicken and corn on the cob. To make it even simpler, order the groceries through your favorite delivery service and have them dropped right at the door.

  4. Turn on the tunes. A great party is not really about the decor or the food. It’s about the memories being made with friends and family. Turn on your favorite Spotify station in the background and have a great night!

  5. Remember this one thing - A party is supposed to be fun not perfect. Enjoy every minute leading up to it and every minute while it’s happen. Also - don’t forget that if you can’t Prime it or get it at the grocery store, you don’t need it.


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