Five Items Every Hostess Should Have in Her Tool Kit

There’s no worse feeling than spending money on something that is just going to end up in the trash. It’s even worse than buying an item that will only be used once then clutter up that closet full of a bunch of other random items you bought and haven’t used since. Depending on your theme, you could be laying down your credit card for themed paper plates, napkins, cute vases, cheap decor and more. Chances are, most of it is going to end up in one of the two places listed at the beginning of this paragraph. But, it doesn’t have too.

If you’ve purchased one of our planning guides, you know I outline my entertaining tool kit. These are the items I believe everyone should invest in because they can be used time and time again, no matter the theme. Additionally, these pieces make your life as the hostess so much easier. While that list is 15 items long, today I’m sharing the top five items no hostess should be without!

  1. Clear Glass Carafes: Clear glass carafes can be used for just about anything. When having a larger group over, I’ll fill them with beverages that fewer people will consume (like lemonade or tea). If we’re having friends over for dinner, they get filled with ice water for the table. They can even be used to decant wine, mix up a batch of margaritas or put flowers in.

  2. White Ceramic Vases (varying sizes): I believe in keeping at least three white vases on hand. Since they’re neutral, they can be used no matter your party theme - I’ve actually used them in every party guide. Plus, picking up a bouquet of grocery store flowers and trimming to the appropriate height is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to decorate on short notice.

  3. White Polyester Tablecloth: Not just for weddings, I’ve pulled this item out last minute more times than I can count. That one Thanksgiving it poured down rain all day and I suddenly had to seat 15 people in my very tiny house for dinner? Used the white tablecloth. That other time I needed to cover our nasty looking outdoor table when we were having people over? White tablecloth to the rescue. Last week when I didn’t plan proper table space for our 4th of July shoot? You guessed it - white tablecloth. It’s the workhorse of the tool kit and you’ll find yourself using it in a pinch almost every time you have people over.

  4. Cake Stand: A sturdy, natural cake stand will come in handy for more than just cake. I suggest one that is at least 12” in diameter with little detail on it. Not only will you use it for cake on birthdays, but it’s perfect for pies on the holidays, a cheese board when your table needs some height, and even a tall platter for condiment bowls.

  5. Mason Jars (varying sizes): Mason jars can be used for more than just canning homemade jams. I keep varying sizes on hand and have used them for everything from flowers to drinking glasses to sauce bowls to silverware holders. When you don’t know what to do with something - be it food or otherwise - a mason jar will likely be the answer!

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