How to Create Your Own Floral Centerpieces (with Grocery Store Flowers!)

Is there anything better than a home full of fresh flowers? Floral centerpieces add a soft element of beauty and elevate any celebration, even dinosaur parties! It’s why fresh florals are included in all of our parties. But, hiring a florist is out of the question for most events (it’s a budget buster for those of us trying to entertain for less). Creating floral centerpieces doesn’t have to be expensive though.

Every arrangement featured in our party guides is created with flowers picked up from a local grocery store. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, they tend to have the biggest, and freshest, selection at great prices. But, if you don’t the blooms you can grab anywhere will work just as well (yes, even the carnations!). In the video below, I’m showing you exactly how to create your own floral arrangements with grocery store flowers for your next celebration.

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Create your own beautiful centerpieces for your next celebration using flowers you picked up at the grocery store. It won't be perfect but it will be beautiful!
Grocery Store Flowers.jpg