4th of July Entertaining with Ease

The Fourth of July has long been a favorite holiday of mine. My family hosts a big celebration where all are welcome. Family and friends come from across the South and we spend the holiday bouncing back and forth between games of bocce ball on the beach and my parent’s backyard pool. We pick up a bushel of oysters to graze on all day and fire up the grill for a BBQ in the evenings. Once the sun goes down, everyone grabs a blanket and we make our way back to the beach to end the night enjoying the fireworks.


It’s a holiday we look forward to every year because at it’s core, it encourages us to put down our phones, turn off the TVs and be present with each other. Every Fourth of July, I’m reminded why we entertain in the first place, to spend quality time with loved ones. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun (although, a little festive decor is a nice touch).

When entertaining during the summer months, keep your set-up as simple as possible. Focus on impactful decor that doesn’t take a long time to pull together. Use items you already have and gather them all in one spot the night before your celebration. Since most summer gatherings take place outdoors, you’ll want to set-up the same day versus the day before.


I encourage you to apply a similar principle to your 4th of July menu. Serve dishes that can be made the morning of or even the day before so you spend less time in the kitchen while your guests are over. In the planning guide, I share a allergy friendly prep-ahead menu that will impress your guests and make your life easier. Don’t be afraid to make your 4th of July bash a potluck either. This takes a lot of pressure off of you and means less dishes - a win win!


For more on hosting a stylish 4th of July celebration with ease, you can purchase our complete planning guide here. It includes more inspiration images, links to purchase the decor we used, a prep ahead menu, fun activities, complete planning checklist, budget and more!